Tutorial completamente animado de hora y media para aprender a armar el pyraminx. (Pueden verlo gratis)
A variant of the traditional Sokoban in 3D with a free demo version.
Juego de plataformas 2D y video en el futuro asteroide minero La Amistad.
Free demo and Video. Destroy the treacherous cameras...
Expulsarás los monstruos que invadieron tu país respondiendo preguntas en este juego 2D.
Competition between bumpcars to complete tracks on time limit.
Tutorial de origamis con doce figuras y animación 3D
Juego de minigolf en edición bilingüe con animación tridimensional.
Juego de buscaminas en edición bilingüe con animación tridimensional.
Tutorial animado para proyectos con palitos de helado, incluye un laberinto 3D
Tutorial animado para nudos de campismo, incluye juego serpientes escaleras
Tutorial animado de bloques de construcción con rompecabezas 3D
Hidden inside each image is an object which appears in 3D (19 stereograms).
Many years ago, British Interplanetary Society designed a plausible uncrewed interstellar spacecraft.
The M1841 mountain howitzer was a mountain gun used by the United States Army during the mid-nineteenth century.
Model based on a real paper straw tulip craft. This craft is very simple to throw together with kids.
This wood model kits is very easy to complete with your kids. Package includes three formats: blender, obj and x3d.
Roulette is a casino game played in its present form since as early as 1796 in Paris.
A voxel chess to decorate your voxel or normal world. Also you could create puzzles or play chess.
3D objects for POV-Ray (most LGPL).


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